Creating a custom gown tells a story that up until now, only you envisioned in your mind.

As we sip tea in the comfort of my tea room, I will sketch the initial concept for your dress. Together we will establish a budget and cover all pertinent details relating the project. From fabric choice to dress fittings, full transparency throughout the entire process will give you peace of mind that your vision is in good hands.

Before any cutting begins, a few formalities must be addressed. A signed contract and a 60% deposit is required at this time. This deposit allows me to purchase all necessary *materials to kick-off you project.

*Please note that I will do my best to source eco-friendly materials for your dress.

sewing tools.jpg

During your first fitting I will take all your measurements to create a prototype. We will then further discuss in detail your fabric options, embellishments and create an overall plan for the development of your wedding dress.


Once your mock-up dress is ready, you will come in for your second fitting so that I can make the necessary adjustments. Details like colour, fabric, style must be finalized at this time. Otherwise making changes later on could result in delays or extra fees. (We don't want that) Another 20% deposit will be due at this time.


On your third (or fourth) fitting, you will try on your actual dress for the very first time. Minor alterations will be needed at this point but should there be major ones, more fittings can always be scheduled. Please note that any additional changes made at this point will be charged accordingly on a new signed contract.

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Finally! Your dress is complete. I will have you try it on one last time to make sure that all the bells and whistles are accounted for. Final payment is due at this time. Otherwise you'll be walking down the aisle in your unmentionables.... (Psst, I would rather you save that for the honeymoon!)

All that’s left now is to wish you well and I hope to see pictures of your wedding on Facebook! ;)


~ Prices are based on the design and the needs of each individual client ~

~ A custom wedding dress is 15-20 week process , so please book in advance ~

~ Custom prom and special occasion dresses are welcome ~

~ Please inquire about an eco-friendly dress, your planet will thank you!~