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Pen & Paper



Pen & Paper

To me, pen and paper never fail to convey graphic poetry out of significant moments in time. This has been my truth ever since I could hold a pencil. You could always find me in a corner somewhere drawing a weddings dress and princess gowns. I secretly hoped that one day I could bring my creations to life. Today, that’s exactly what I do.

Bridal Portraits

Every dress begins as an idea. This idea needs to be sketched in order for others to understand the value it holds for the wearer. It’s my job as an illustrator to capture and interpret the essence of a dress that has or will make you feel more beautiful than ever. Whether it’s a preliminary doodle or a full-on render, a lovely sketch of your gown is a simple yet creative way to convey nostalgic sentiment into a work of art for all to see.


~ Bridal Portrait ~



Orders can be placed in person or by email. When details have been communicated, I will email a rough draft of the artwork for approval. Once the draft is confirmed, I will proceed to render the final product. Artworks are completed within 2-3 weeks, pending draft approval.

I use a variety of artistic mediums for my illustrations; Pencil, ink, marker, watercolour, acrylic, you name it. As a fashion designer, I sometimes like to incorporate fabric for a unique textured look. And with todays’ love of technology, I am no stranger to digital illustration either.

You can also request your illustration be made into a collection or series. In essence, this is a compilation of individual drawings narrating a common theme or personal story of your choosing. This is a wonderful way to decorate your home with series of visual artwork.


~ Illustrated Collection ~



Other ARTWORKs services

When it comes to drawing, bridal is my favourite subject of all but I also love creating Boudoir and Pregnancy portraits as well as Nursery and Fashion illustrations.

Please visit my Instagram page to view some more of my work or click below visit my new online shop.



Live Fashion illustrations

A growing trend for private/corporate/retail events is LIVE FASHION ILLUSTRATION. I will come to your event for a couple of hours and sketch your guests in all their fashion glory! (TIP: Can also double as memorable gift for party guests.)

Minimum reservation time for LIVE FASHION ILLUSTRATION is 3 hours. Each illustration takes about 5-15 min. (depending on the details) I use pen and marker and will draw on A4 or A5 marker paper.

Should you like something more personal, I offer private sketch sessions in the comfort of my tea room.


~ Quotes and availabilities upon request ~

~ All artworks are custom creations ~

~ Commissions are individually discussed during a scheduled consultation or through email communications. ~

~ Live Fashion Illustrations must be booked at least 3 months in advanced ~






Needle & Thread


Needle & Thread

Altering a wedding dress is very delicate work. It should be done by someone who will handle your dress with care but who also understands and respects the sentiment it holds for you, the bride. With over a decade of experience as a seamstress, I have adjusted my fair share of wedding gowns, as well as special occasions dresses for bridal parties, prom and countless others.

My motto is simple: “To every problem, there is a solution.” So no matter what alterations your dress requires, with a little patience, an open mind and a nice cup of tea, beautiful things will come to pass.

In addition to dress alterations, custom bridal accessories such as, veils, garters, fabric bouquets, etc. are available upon request. So don’t be shy to ask, I would be happy to make you something that compliments your attire! Be sure to visit my Instagram page to view my work.

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~ Be sure to schedule your appointment at least 1-2 month in advance. Some exceptions may apply ~

~ Please limit your entourage to two people maximum ~

~ I accept prom dresses, evening gowns and other special occasion dresses ~

~ Please note that wedding dresses are my priority during wedding season ~




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Sewn To Perfection


Sewn To Perfection

Creating a custom gown tells a story that up until now, only you envisioned in your mind.

As we sip tea in the comfort of my tea room, I will sketch the initial concept for your dress. Together we will establish a budget and cover all pertinent details relating the project. From fabric choice to dress fittings, full transparency throughout the entire process will give you peace of mind that your vision is in good hands.

Before any cutting begins, a few formalities must be addressed. A signed contract and a 60% deposit is required at this time. This deposit allows me to purchase all necessary *materials to kick-off you project.

*Please note that I will do my best to source eco-friendly materials for your dress.

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During your first fitting I will take all your measurements to create a prototype. We will then further discuss in detail your fabric options, embellishments and create an overall plan for the development of your wedding dress.


Once your mock-up dress is ready, you will come in for your second fitting so that I can make the necessary adjustments. Details like colour, fabric, style must be finalized at this time. Otherwise making changes later on could result in delays or extra fees. (We don't want that) Another 20% deposit will be due at this time.


On your third (or fourth) fitting, you will try on your actual dress for the very first time. Minor alterations will be needed at this point but should there be major ones, more fittings can always be scheduled. Please note that any additional changes made at this point will be charged accordingly on a new signed contract.

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Finally! Your dress is complete. I will have you try it on one last time to make sure that all the bells and whistles are accounted for. Final payment is due at this time. Otherwise you'll be walking down the aisle in your unmentionables.... (Psst, I would rather you save that for the honeymoon!)

All that’s left now is to wish you well and I hope to see pictures of your wedding on Facebook! ;)


~ Prices are based on the design and the needs of each individual client ~

~ A custom wedding dress is 15-20 week process , so please book in advance ~

~ Custom prom and special occasion dresses are welcome ~

~ Please inquire about an eco-friendly dress, your planet will thank you!~