I was that typical little girl who could spend hours drawing her wedding dress, planning her wedding and dreamed that one day her prince would come... (...And yes, he did!)

Now I work form home doing what I love. I design, create and fit dresses to my clients specifications. I love working with passionate people. I can think of nothing more satisfying then to sip tea with someone while discussing their dream dress.

But when I am not having tea, drawing or sewing, my kids keeps me plenty busy! They are my pride and joy and the reason why I started À Thé Souhaits. Being able to work from home and be there for my family, no matter how busy life gets, is by far my greatest success.
— Melissa

Graduated in Illustration & Design

Graduated in Fashion/Costume Design

Certified International Event & Wedding Planner

Montreal born and raised, Melissa had a passion for wedding dresses at a very young age. As a result of her natural artistic talent and eye for aesthetics, she knew she was destined to pursue dress fashion in some way shape or form. For a creative project in high school, she made her own prom dress. It was her very first creation and was evidently not her last.

In college, she would go on to study Illustration and Design at Dawson, and then continue onto Fashion and Costume at LaSalle College, a few years later. After graduating, she found work as a graphic designer yet felt no satisfaction being an employee in a big company. Getting married set the spark for starting her own business as a wedding planner; the original purpose of À Thé Souhaits. However this course was short-lived with the birth of her son. To help with the family finances she would do alterations from home and all it took was one client with a wedding dress to set her on the right path. Melissa was meant to design and make wedding dresses.

In the course of developing her business and becoming a mom, Melissa felt an important need to be environmentally pro-active. Her business is small, yet she still believes it’s her responsibility to be part of the solution in changing the carbon footprint of bridal industry. She strives to design gowns that are beautiful, comfortable and eco-friendly.

A former bride, a mom, a fashion designer, a wedding planner and an eco-activist. All credentials aside, it's Melissa's kindhearted nature and friendly disposition that will inevitably win you over!