One day you will hear a red carpet celebrity being asked; 'What dress are you wearing?'

And she will reply; 'It's a MELI'

YESSSS! My dirty little secret, my greatest dream is to see one of my dress designs to walk the red carpet at the Oscars. That will be the day I know I've made it. My passion is to draw gowns. Beautiful, heart-stopping illustrations of special occasion gowns, fit for a princess. 

I've been drawing dresses FOREVER! Meli (with a heart on the i)has been my moniker since high school.  But only recently have I started posting my work on platforms like Instagram and Facebook and let me tell you, I feel like I'm playing catch-up with some of the greats; Eris Tran, Holly Nichols, Gillian Monaghan. (I fee like such a fan-girl when I see their work!) All these illustrators somehow got the social media memo early. Now it's my turn to join the ranks.

So this blog is dedicated to my work, my art, my passion. 

Please enjoy, because I certainly do!!


 Illustration by Meli

Illustration by Meli