As part of the next generation of wedding industry experts, I believe that helping one another (especially during our humble beginnings) is mutually beneficial and the key to a successful, long-term business relationship. If you love my style, are passionate about weddings, care about the environment and would like to collaborate, barter or work with me, I would love to meet with you and have tea. 


Currently seeking

Freelance Bridal Blogger (Collaboration)

Website Translator English to French (Barter)

Local, eco-friendly fabric suppliers

Local Tea Suppliers (Collaboration)



Special Mentions

Below is my list of favourite past and present vendors that hold a special place in my heart. I absolutely loved collaborating with them and it’s my absolute pleasure to refer them to all my clients. And be sure to tell them Melissa from À Thé Souhaits sent you!


 Dream It Yourself - Bridal Boutique

Punta Chiara - Bridal Boutique 

Bella Di Sera - Bridal Boutique

Gala par Ajamian - Fur Fashion & Bridal

Sucreries en Couleurs - Cakes & Sweets

Homemade with Love - Cakes & Sweets

Steve Walsh Photography Photography

Bocci Resto-CafeVenue

Plaza Volare - Venue

Restaurant L'Ambroisie - Venue

Au Fin Palais - Venue

Chic Rentals Décor Rentals

Sylvain L, Célébrant FSEV - Wedding Officiant